Studies have shown that creativity directly affects innovative potential. But what factors impedes or promotes group creativity in an organizational context? 

Large corporations often operate within a rigid, inflexible organizational structure that is governed by traditional approaches to management. After reading works on creativity and engagement in an organizational context, I've found some preliminary relationships that require further decoding (Fig. 1). The main areas which have direct impact on innovative potential in an organization are Group Dynamics, Climate and Environment. 


Fig.1   What Affects Group Creativity

Studies have shown that Group Dynamics is one of the key themes identified to have a great effect on innovative potential within a team in an organization. The main constituent of Group Dynamics is Diversity—a crucial element for fostering creativity and therefore promote innovative outcomes. There are 3 areas in which individuals within a team could be diverse—functional, information and cognitive. Diversity in these 3 areas could substantially increase the breadth and depth of a team's diversity, which in turn supports higher creative potential. 

If we look deeper into the diagram above, what does this all mean? How does this relate back to our daily work life and processes within our own organization?

Fig.2   How does this relate to our work life?