Innovation Research Initiative with The Thinking Hotel Villie Tsang Oct 11

To tackle the few commonly observed problems in an organization, the key is to focus on the people who run its daily operations—the organizational behavior, at every level of the organization, both individually and collectively. By changing its climate and its environment—re-framing how the workplace is structured—we could better influence the organizational and psychological processes, which in turn increases communication between employees and across departments, swift and agile decision-making, intersectional problem-solving, while enhancing motivation and engagement.

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Change Play Business Lisbon! Villie Tsang Oct 02

The Thinking Hotel have partnered up with business training/management consultancy, Sintese Azul in Oeiras, Portugal to deliver one of the most successful Change Play Business™ events ever on  14 & 15 July, 2011!  Companies who participated include industries such as media and communications, finance, creative, management, innovation.

Change Play Business™ is an experiential game and a new process of intersectional innovation, combining techniques of structured play together with serious strategic thinking and cutting-edge knowledge to ignite a transformational journey for existing and emerging businesses  energised by creative synergies.

View graphic design of materials here.

From Nick De Mey, Co-Founder, Board of Innovation
"As a regular attendee of innovation conferences I was really amazed by the novel approach of the Change Play Business event. Due to the extensive preparation and professional guidance by the organization I quickly noticed that all the teams were truly immersed in this one-day creative journey. If you want to sparkle innovation within your organization, attending Change Play Business will be a great firestarter!"

Watch the videos & interviews to see what others say about it!

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Sports Equipment Project: CSM X UK Sport Villie Tsang Jun 19

This event celebrates social innovation that fosters youth and leadership through sport and physical activity in Ghana. MA Innovation Management students at Central Saint Martins discovers innovation solutions developed in response to a brief from UK Sport in collaboration with University of Ghana (Accra) and University of Development Studies (Tamale).

See coverage from CSM Blog.

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'Working Wikily' Villie Tsang Jan 18

March 2009

I recently came across this paper written in March 2009, “Working Wikily 2.0: Social Change with a Network Mindset” while I was doing some research for my literature review on social innovation & social empowerment, with a focus on education. On face value, one would think this is another 20 odd pages on the benefits of open source, but this is precisely, NOT that.

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Change Play Business Event Villie Tsang Nov 30

Change Play Business is a new design-led workshop using techniques of play together with serious business strategic thinking to transform both existing and emerging businesses. Random connections, fun, trial and error, imagination and action are combined with business acumen, economical and social awareness to set ambitious targets and identify new revenue streams. Working in eclectic teams and "buying" the know-how of our experts such as lawyers, brand and business consultants, social media experts and innovation leaders, you will be transforming new ideas into feasible action plans.
From Own-It: Change Play Business website

This event was co-created by Own-It (London College of Communication, LCC) and The Thinking Hotel.

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The Thinking Hotel Villie Tsang Oct 26

Recently, our course director (Jamie Brassett) invited a Design Researcher/Strategist Monika Hestad to CSM to talk about her work and what exactly is 'Design' the 2/3rds of the non-designers in our class. We were introduced to The Thinking Hotel (TTH) concept which particularly spiked my interest. In short, it was a 24 hour workshop to prototype the business model for such concept, then attract a group of participants ("social innovators" as they called it) and define what TTH means to them. At last, is to test out the business model and create a 'TTH Experience'. I was very intrigued by this type of methodology. Coming from Hong Kong, I can't stop but think if this kind of concept will work as successfully in Asia...

After this session, we've been invited to by to participate in her next 'game' — "Change Play Business" — and I'm a "Purple" member.....The event is on November 24...let's see how it goes!

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