March 2009

I recently came across this paper written in March 2009, “Working Wikily 2.0: Social Change with a Network Mindset” while I was doing some research for my literature review on social innovation & social empowerment, with a focus on education. On face value, one would think this is another 20 odd pages on the benefits of open source, but this is precisely, NOT that.

'Working Wikily' was coined in this paper which goes in depth on successful case studies that benefited immensely with setting up businesses, in particular, social businesses, with a "network mindset". It's about exploiting technology to create a flat hierarchy of like-minded people who just simply have the same goal in mind, whatever that may be. The paper has a focus on driving social change more efficiently and effectively on a larger scale. Through network mapping, we can visualize how well these relationships and connections are utilized and make therefore make better decisions with bigger impact on communities as a whole.

After reading this paper, amongst many more, I started to think of focus points for my own essay in our Uncertainty Project. Topics revolving around social innovation, for example, works of Muhammed Yunus (Grameen Bank social business model), and many others began to grow on me. In many of the readings I've encountered within this research area, the most direct way in dealing with current social issues is through sustainable education. I begin to draw connections between 'Network mindset' , Emily Pilloton's "Learning Landscape" concept, social empowerment within social innovation sector and hopefully I can write an interesting 6000 word essay for this Uncertainty Project, with new a new perspective and provide though-provoking insights.